Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tucson Mt. Lemmon Snow and Hiking Report - Jan 5 2013

Headed up from Tucson to the Catalina Highway and Mt. Lemmon today to try to find some snow.  It wasn't too hard!  I can't remember seeing snow so low in elevation on Mt. Lemmon before this long after a storm came through.  We went past Windy Point up to the Upper Green Mountain trail head with Max.  The crowds were pretty thick with lots of families up there having a good time in the snow.  Lots of people sledding all over the place as there was enough snow at any pullout above 7000ft or so.  We hiked around for a few and some areas were over a foot thick in new powder.  We should have headed up a bit further and did some skiing as the lift is definitely open.  Here are some pics for you:

Snow hiking up on Mt. Lemmon with the dog
Katie and Max hiking in the snow on Mt. lemmon

dog hiking in the snow on Mt. lemmon
Max our chocolate lab hiking in the snow in Tucson

Hiking in the snow in Tucson
Hiking Green Mountain Trail in the snow

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