Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grand Gulch - Hiking and Pictures

While it's a bit of a haul from Tucson, we drove up towards Monument Valley and the Valley of the Gods area in January 2013 for a quick weekend.  We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Kayenta which ended up being a really nice hotel.  Even the restaurant in the hotel was pretty darn good.  I would definitely recommend it as a good place to stay if you are staying the area.

We left the hotel bright and early welcomed by brisk 15 degree temps.  Quick breakfast in Kayenta we were on our way.  We cruised through Monument Valley, stopping for a few quick shots on the way towards the Grand Gulch area.  It was pretty, but we wanted to hike and roam not be restricted since they don't allow unguided hiking in Monument Valley.

On 163 through Mexican Hat and then up route 261 for 25 or so miles we went.  Quite a twisty haul up the face of the cliff.  We parked at the Kane Gulch ranger station with not a person in sight for miles.  The snow was pretty thick and it made the hiking go a bit slower than usual.  But the weather was perfect and scenery superb.  As we picked up some distance the canyon continued to grow steeper and the scenery continually improving.  The snow was hit or miss and the hiking eased a bit as we went further in.  The snow and the ice really made the Grand Gulch area even more picturesque.

By the way, dogs are not allowed on this trail!

The area was amazing but the snow taxed us quite a bit.  We had hoped to make it to some of the ruins but about 3 hours in with only 4 miles or so behinds us we turned around.  It was a good call as we were all pretty tired when we made it back to the Kane Gulch ranger station.

A great area, we will definitely be back in the spring and do an overnight trip.  Enjoy the pictures:

Grand Gulch dog hiking
Max posing in Grand Gulch canyon

Katie hiking in Grand Gulch
Katie hiking in the Grand Gulch canyon

Overhang in Grand Gulch near Kane Gulch Range Station

Max looking into the canyon

Some cool ice formations in Grand Gulch Canyon

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