Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rose Canyon Lake - Mt Lemmon Hiking

Rose Canyon Lake is located 30 miles from Tucson, AZ in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Mount Lemmon. Rose Canyon Lake is the only lake in the area that has recreational fishing. It is a pretty small lake (7 acres) and is set in a picturesque stand of  ponderosa pines up near Mt. Lemmon.  There are quite a few hiking trails in the area, and a pretty easy trail that goes most of the way around the lake except the damn in uncrossable.

We headed to rose canyon on November 25, 2012.  Most of the area had already closed for the season but we were able to hike down to the lake.  The area is a great place for the dog to take a swim!  Not sure where else in the Tucson area we can do this.  There were about a dozen people around the lake fishing but still plenty of room for max to take a swim.  Weather was perfect, the water in Rose Canyon Lake was probably around 50 degrees.  Max enjoyed it a bunch!

My dog swimming in Rose Canyon Lake
Max swimming in Rose Canyon Lake

Katie hiking around the edge of Rose Canyon lake

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  1. I wish my dog liked swimming. She's too scared to go deeper than her stomach.