Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oracle State Park Hike

Tossed the dog into the Porsche and headed out for a hike.  Yes, we can fit the dog in the Porsche!  We made the quick trip up to Oracle State Park in Oracle, AZ.  This state park had been closed due to AZ state budget cuts.  It recently reopened in Feb 2012 and is currently only open on Saturdays.  If you haven’t been there you should really check it out.  It definitely is a bit quieter than most of the other state parks in the area.  It houses a 4,000 acre wildlife refuge with oak woodland and desert grassland; views of the Catalinas, the San Pedro River Valley, and the Galiuro Mountains; a historic ranch house; and 15 miles of trail for hikers and bikers.

Dog hiking in Oracle State Park AZ
Max hiking at Oracle State Park

We hiked mid spring and really enjoyed the area.  It is dog friendly and our pup did well.  The trails weren't too challenging to hike but there is some elevation change and some amazing views back towards the Galiuro mountains to the east.  Most importantly we had most of Oracle State Park to ourselves!

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