Monday, April 16, 2012

Porsche 911 996 Arizona Cruise

It's pretty tough to beat some of the drives in Arizona.  It's even more fun when you are driving a Porsche 911.  The roads up in the mountains offer some fantastic drives with plenty of curves that the 911 was designed for.  This past weekend we took a cruise from Tucson north up to the Salt River Canyon (Porsche heaven) taking Oracle Rd. (AZ 77) north towards Globe, AZ.  We were greeted by some perfect weather with it in the 80's in Tucson and even cooler for most of the drive.

The car - 2004 Porsche 911 C2.  The drive:  we headed north up oracle road out of town.  The road is pretty straight and flat until you get out past Oracle.  From there you descend down towards Mammoth.  This area offers a couple of decent corners but nothing too exciting except a few curves.  Watch your speed in and near the towns there always seem to be a few cops in and near them!  From Mammoth you head to Kearny and then eventually up towards Globe.  The roads down into Globe offer some nice curves and great views as you come out of the mountains.

The real fun driving happens outside of Globe.  It's about 40 miles North up SR60 to the Salt River Canyon.  About half way in it gets real twisty and a lot of fun.  The Porsche just eats the corners up.  And then finally you descend into the Salt River Canyon.  Nothing more exciting than a series of smooth turns with speed limits of 25-30 mph.  This is prime road for the car down into the canyon and back up the other side.  Since we were already a couple hours in we stopped at the bottom of the canyon and headed back.  All in all a fun day and a very recommended drive!

Porsche 911 parked overlooking the Salt River

996 911 overlooking Salt River Canyon outside of Globe, AZ

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