Sunday, July 8, 2012

Aspen Trail - Mt. Lemmon, Tucson, AZ

Aspen Trail Tucson AZ
Views early on from the Aspen Trail
The Aspen Trail is another great starting hike that connects with a number of other trails at the Marshall Gulch Saddle in the Catalina Mountains. All of the trails in the area are dog friendly.  In the summer it seems everyone out hiking has their dog with them!  It is a 2.5 mile hike to the Saddle on the Aspen Trail.  The Aspen Trail starts at the Marshall Gulch trail head at the very end of Catalina Highway.  This trail begins just behind the parking lot and has a sign as it begins.

fall foliage aspen trail
Fall foliage on the Aspen Trail
The Aspen trail ascends fairly quickly up through the pine forest and you are quickly rewarded with great views of the area. It's pretty tough as it begins especially with it being high in elevation but it eventually levels off.  As you continue to ascend you'll go through a couple of Aspen groves.  In the fall they usually have some great colors and make for a very scenic hike.

As you continue past the Aspen you'll eventually hike up to a ridge area.  From here the trail levels off.  The trail climbs and descends with the ridge in the area but nothing as steep as it was at the beginning of the trail.  Eventually the trail connects with a number of other trails at Marshall Saddle.  Taking the Marshall Gulch trail back down to the parking lot makes for a 2 hour 4 mile hike through the area.

Check out some more pics off the Aspen Trail in the fall.

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