Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hugh Norris Trail - Tucson Mountains

We took a quick morning hike on the Hugh Norris trails yesterday in our backyard - the Tucson Mountains.  We have hit Wasson Peak a couple of times before but not sure if we would make it today.  We brought the puppy with us and his paws sometimes get sore quickly on the rocky hikes out here.  The weather was great in the upper 40's when we started.  We ended up making it a quick fitness hike to the saddle of the other trails and headed back from there as Max started showing signs of his paws getting tender.  A beautiful trail with great views of the Tucson mountains and the surrounding valleys.  The Hugh Norris trail really offers some great desert views and some fun off trail rocks to scramble up.  Check it out before it starts heating up out there!


  1. The Hugh Norris Trail looks like a great exercise. Is the trail as rocky as the picture shows? The view looks gorgeous, you can see desert for miles. I would love to take my dog on some hiking trails, so far the ones I have found are too risky to bring her, I think this one might be a little better, except you said your dogs paws were getting tender. I'll have to check it out.


  2. Technically you are supposed to have dogs on this trail but oh well. It isn't that rocky until a couple miles in but isn't too bad for too long. The dog definitely does better up in elevation in the Catalinas or Santa Ritas on the less rocky trails.

    Have fun!

  3. That should have read you aren't supposed to have dogs!