Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sedona Mountain Biking

Well as I am sure you have read we have put many many miles on our hiking boots.  With some encouragement from friends we recently invested in a couple of used mountain bikes and thought we'd give riding a shot.  We have done a couple trails in the desert in Tucson so far.  It's flat out tough.  Just a wee bit different that riding on asphalt!  Anyways, we decided to head to Sedona last Saturday to try a couple of beginner trails.

A quick 3.5 hour drive north out of Tucson and we were at the Bell Rock pathway trail head around 10am.  From what we had read the Bell Rock trail was really the only "easy" trail in Sedona which is known for it's world class mountain biking.

Even the slight uphill of this path for some reason was a bit grueling on the bike to start.  I guess there just much be some muscles I am using on the bike that I don't use other wise!  Well long story short is the uphill was tough but extremely rewarding as the downhill parts of the trail were just downright awesome.  If you are a beginner i definitely reccomend you hit this trail.

Of course don't forget about the beauty of Sedona.  We took a couple side hikes climbing around the amazing red rocks.  What a great place!

And also a big thanks to the Fat Tire Bike Shop in Sedona for the quick repair around lunch time.

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