Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mt Lemmon 7/9/11

Finally the monsoon has shown itself and the hiking trails on the Catalina mountains have opened back up.  We took quick advantage to get out of the heat for a little while and headed up the mountain on 7/9.  We hit the always trusty Marshall Gulch area.  Surprisingly it wasn't that crowded!  We decided to head up the Aspen trail this time for a change of scenery from Marshall Gulch.

It was 72 degrees to start the hike.  What a great change from 102 that is was back at the house in Tucson.  The trail was nice and great, full of life.  The gigantic swarming flies were a little bothersome at times but as long as we kept moving they weren't too bad.  We found a little horny toad who let us get close and personal.

Horny Toad in Catalina Mountains
Horny Toad in Catalina Mountains

Max, the Chocolate Lab, was pretty wooped just after climbing up Aspen.  I guess it was still a bit hot for him.  We decided to head back down Marshall Gulch trail instead of heading to Lemmon Pools this time.  Either way it was a nice escape for a couple hours and some decent exercise.  Already looking forward to the fall!

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