Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fossil Creek Hiking

We decided to make the 3.5 hour drive to the Fossil Creek area outside of Payson, AZ this weekend.  It was well worth the drive.

From Phoenix get on 87 north.  Take it all of the way to Strawberry, AZ.  Once in Strawberry make a left on Fossil Creek road.  Go 2 miles and it will turn to an easy dirt road.  About 3 more miles and the trail head is on the right. We were there on a saturday and there were plenty of hikers and campers.  It wasn't crowded but it was definitely not a hike of solitude.

The hike down is about 4 miles. Piece of cake, at least until you have to come back up.  The area is gorgeous as you descend and ascend from the creek. Once you get to the intersection of the mail trail just stay left.  Make sure to cruise down the creek a ways.  Once you get to the waterfall you'll know you've made it.

Once to the creek I was stunned at how nice it was.  There is a large waterfall, crystal clear cool water to swim in.  There are a lot of places in Fossil Creek to cliff dive as well.  Even caves to swim in and out of.  A truly great spot to escape the heat of the summer.

The hike back up was a great workout too.  The first mile or two is the toughest and steepest.

Katie and Max as the Fossil Creek waterfall

One of the caves near the waterfall

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