Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not really hiking but - San Carlos fishing report

I guess I should have titled this blog something more relative to general outdoors but oh well.  We spent the last weekend down in San Carlos, Mexico for the first time.  It is truly a great place to experience the outdoors.

For being so close to Tucson, San Carlos has some surprisingly great fishing and water sports.  On top of that there is also supposed to be some great hiking there as well.  Unfortunately we didn't get to try it out this trip but I am sure we will be back soon.

We fished with Captain Bryan on the Margarita V boat on Saturday 3/13.  The wind was supposed to blow by noon so we got an early start at 6:30.  The mountains fading straight into the ocean is just amazing.  The water is very clear and definitely has a tropical look to it.  We trolled some lures out of the pass and started catching sierra immediately.  Our main focus was yellowtail though.  We quickly put out some live baits and trolled them for a bit.  We ended up catching 3 yellowtail in about an hour's work.  By 1030 or so the wind started picking up so switched to trolling lures for sierra.  I was amazed at how fast and furious the action was - we probably caught 12 sierra in 30 minutes!  It was a great time.

After fishing we cleaned up and headed over to the Soggy Peso for a couple drinks.  Wow - their margaritas are a lot stronger than they taste.  I think after 3 we were both feeling pretty tipsy.  We stayed there for an amazing view of the sunset and then called it a night.  It isn't the cheapest place for drinks but by far the best place right on the beach with a sunset view.

On Sunday we decided to do some kayaking around the rocks and points in San Carlos.  We rented kayaks from Ocean Sports at the main marina for 30 bucks for a half day.  All of the different rock formations into the water made it a lot of fun.  We were able to find 2 spots where we could kayak through caves or cutouts in the rocks from one side to another which was really cool.  With a little wind and tide it was a little hairy but definitely fun and exciting!  If you make it down rent a kayak for a couple hours!

We also spent some time exploring the different points.  Climbing and scaling around all of the rocks at the base of the mountains at the edge of the ocean is a lot of fun.  Just be careful you don't get stuck out there with the tide coming up!  I also tried a little freediving but the visibility was pretty poor at probably 6ft.  Supposedly it is usually closer to 30 ft so I will have to give it a shot again next time we make it down.

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